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Note n°5019 par xingttcg34 le 16/04/2014 @ 03:33
Years ago, the words 'cheap' and 'travel agents' would rarely be used in the same sentence. People paid big bucks for their holidays, but since the growth of the Internet, the whole industry was turned upside down.Travel agents pricing has where are louis vuitton handbags made lowered dramatically to compete in the worldwide environment. Anyone who can afford a vacation or a business trip has access to Internet, and is now more capable than ever of sourcing a good deal. There are hundreds of thousands of sites dedicated to travel, allowing anyone to quickly and simply book their travel arrangements on their own, for little cost.Additionally, hotels louis vuitton handbags used and airlines have raised their prices as far as travel agents are concerned, because they now have the facility, and actively encourage consumers to directly book through their websites. As a consequence, travel agents have lowered their prices by some margin to compete, resulting in cheaper travel for the customer at the end of the day.And just because the travel agents are charging less doesn't mean the quality is any different from how it used to be. Actually many travel agents, offer better service as well as lower prices to attract more business and retain existing customers.For example, they may organize activities on your behalf. If you're going somewhere tropical, they might book your scuba diving lessons, or if you're skiing they can organize a great deal on lift passes.And what's more, they can still provide loads of handy information about the places you are going to that you can't find online, for example about company/hotel reputations. Also, they are good sources of local information like languages, customs and weather, not to mention currency and time-zones. They can give you a personal insight into your destination which you will struggle to find on a Google search.The travel agents don't just provide vintage louis vuitton handbag these services; they also arrange and fix everything, tailored to your requirements. In a nutshell, you tell them what you're looking for, and they make it really happen. If you're looking for used louis vuitton handbag the best price for your flights, you might have to look around louis vuitton leather handbags loads of different websites to hunt for that bargain.Even the cheapest agents have access to the best deals. They could really save you a great pre owned louis vuitton bags deal f time and money, and can scout out the best of the constantly changing hotel and flight prices on your behalf.If you simply don't have time to do your homework, look towards a travel agent to do all the legwork on your behalf, and get you the best possible deal for your vacation.

Note n°5018 par Manuel6u le 16/04/2014 @ 02:42
Image x_jamesmorris via Flickr According to a New York Post report, embattled PepsiCo PEP CEO Indra Nooyi is considering eliminating the companys matching contribution to employee K retirement accounts, as well as , layoffs. Pepsis employees also have a pension plan independent of the K, according to the report, but the elimination of the match raises the question of what an employee should do if a K match is eliminated. Is it still worth making a taxdeferred contribution into the K Is it worth avoiding the taxes For starters, a matching contribution to a K is a wonderful thing. If, for example, your employer is willing to match half your contribution up to %, and your gross salary is $, a year, and you contribute % of your salary in a year, you contribute $, to the K and the employer contributes $,. Thats a fat % immediate return on your investment for that year. Not bad. But if the match is taken away, how much in taxes does the employee avoid if he or she continues to contribute % to the K Even if we leave state income taxes aside, its still worth making the contribution if you can swing it. Related Articles Regional Bank Stocks to Watch in Find Opportunity in Unloved Retail Stocks Business Tech Trends You Need to Watch Sticking with your scenario of an employee making $, a year, if the employee is single, and leaving aside any tax deductions or tax credits, their first $, in salary is taxed at a rate of %, their earnings from $, to $, are taxed at a rate of %, and their earnings from $, to $, are taxed at a rate of %, based on IRS tax tables. So the federal income taxes would come to $,. While the employee is in the % tax bracket, the federal income tax burden is really %, which is still a significant burden. So on the surface, it is still worth making the K contribution, and when you factor in state income tax rates, the advantage is clear. Of course, you might wish to temporarily reduce your K contribution in order to meet some other financial goal, such as paying down consumer debt. If you are carrying a credit card balance, you could easily be looking at a rate of % or more, and ?? depending on your spending needs and habits ?? be facing a multiyear stranglehold. A PepsiCo spokesman said that information contained in certain media reports is inaccurate and any changes affecting our employees will be communicated to them first. The spokesman added that PepsiCo was evaluating efficiencies in all areas of our operations ?? including employment levels and benefits, and was working to optimize benefits for employees and the company, and provide competitive benefit levels. ?C Written Philip van Doorn, writer at TheStreet

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Note n°5017 par Manuel6u le 16/04/2014 @ 02:41
Careers are a lot longer than people think.Most of my undergrad and MBA students are in a great rush to get on with it. And they should be, but they need to take the long view. I recently interviewed OgilvyOnes CEO Brian Fetherstonhaugh, who is one of the smartest people I know.Brian talked about career math and the people who will help you make your career. Here is our conversation. One of the things I have heard you talk about a couple times and just love is the idea of career math, what is career math You can watch the video here: Brian Fetherstonhaugh on Career Math BRIAN FETHERSTONHAUGH ? Career math is a couple of simple questions I encourage people to ask themselves because the answers can be quite enlightening. Question number one ? take the number and deduct your current age. People in their s and s are often in my audience and they do that and the answer to my question is the number of years left at the number of years until early requirement. Most people are stunned and shocked at how big a number it is and the key point is a career is a marathon, not a sprint, and its the most fundamental principle of effective career management ? it is a long journey. The second question relates to what percentages of your personal asset do you accumulate after your th birthday People guess , , or but the answer is %. The vast majority of our personal assests and person wealth are accumulated after our th birthday partly because we have more years of career after our th birthday, they are all the big ones, we have the benefits of compound interest, etc. Most people miss not only is it a long journey but it is very very back end loaded. Another question I ask people are how many friends and LinkedIn connections do they haveYoung people will answer , or , and I use that to contrast with another question. When people have long and successful careers and they are at the podium at their farewell dinner, how many people do they comment on who have had a huge impact on their career The answer is often ? its a handful of extremely meaningful highimpact relationships and the point is dont confuse those highimpact people you will meet in career heaven with friends and LinkedIn connections. It is not a quantity game its a quality game. Listen for those highimpact people, listen for those champions and mentors, they are the people who really make a difference in an individuals career. KM ? How do you find those people BF ? To find those people you will meet in career heaven I think you will need to listen well and you also need to nurture those relationship. Many people will go to university and there is somebody out there from their family or community life, or a former employer from a summer job, who really champions them ? they are an advocate and its having a wind at the back of your neck throughout your life. Along your career you will find people who champion you, who promote you, who back you up in various situations and I just encourage people to listen to them but also give them a little bit back. You dont need to give them money but you need to give them a little bit of news and a bit of attention. If someone has backed you to go into university then just let them know, I finished my first year, I am loving marketing, I am struggling with finance. Whatever your comments are they would love to hear from you. The same is true of your mentors and those champions as your career unfolds. As you get to moments of truth let them know, I am at a crisis situation and I am seeking your advice, or something great just happened to me and I got a great job in Asia. Let them know and I think that will bring out the full value of those kinds of special relationships in a career. Afterthought As a professor I spend a fair amount of time mentoring young people ? I run into a lot more young people than most executives my age.Three stand out as mentees that did an outstanding job ofreaching out to me and keeping in touch on a regular basis, as Brian talks about. Shortly I will write about what makes a great mentee that you just want to support throughout their careers because of the way they treat you as a mentor.For a few of my mentees I am still being a reference and years into their careers, it can be a long time relationship. It just takes a bit of care and feeding.Move up i.forbesimg tMove downThe Three Phases of CareersWhere Are You and Where Should You BeKarl MooreContributorYoung People stop just Texting Me and Give me a Call once in a while!PLZKarl MooreContributor

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Note n°5016 par Manuel6u le 16/04/2014 @ 02:40
Stocks plunged Friday afternoon on Wall Street, as investors appeared to dare the Federal Reserve to back up its assertion that it will take aggressive action to prevent a recession. The Dow Jones industrial average closed with a point loss, down .%, to ,. For once, financials were not the cause, as the sector finished largely in positive territory despite early weakness. Instead, investors seized on indications of a weakening economy from consumerrelated stocks American Express and McDonalds , sending equities to widespread losses. Meanwhile, buyers flocked to commodities and the safety of U.S. Treasuries. American Express s fell % after the company said consumer weakness will hurt its fourthquarter and fullyear earnings. See: Amex: Plastic Not So Fantastic Fellow Dow component McDonalds dropped almost % after a Friedman Billings Ramsey analyst reinstated coverage on the company with a market perform rating but said the fastfood chain will not be able to maintain its current sales growth because casualdining restaurants are ly to drop prices as consumers rein in spending. The wild day on Wall Street came as investors appeared to trade as if they were looking to give the Federal Reserve a clear reason to cut rates. With Fed Chairman Bernanke saying Thursday the central bank is prepared to take substantive action to prevent an economic downturn if poor market conditions present themselves, investors stirred up a terrible trading day on Friday. Traders moved aggressively into gold as they fled equities. Gold soared to a new record above $ an ounce, before pulling back slightly to settle at $., up $. for the day. Grain and corn prices also surged, but the increase in commodities was not universal, as oil prices retreated on Friday, dropping $., to $. a barrel. Bond investors reacted to the days movement as if the interest rate cuts expected from the Fed would not spark inflation. The benchmark year note moved sharply higher late in the day, dropping its yield basis points, to .%. The Standard amp Poors tumbled points, or .%, to ,, while the Nasdaq dropped points, or .%, to ,. Friday had started with news of a monster deal in the financial sector, as Bank of America announced a deal to acquire embattled home lender Countrywide Financial . See: Countrywide On Clearance The deal calls for Countrywide holders to receive . BofA for each Countrywide they own. With BofA down to $. shortly before Fridays close, the deal value was worth slightly less than $. billion. s of Countrywide tumbled more than % Friday after the deal was announced. At the lateday Bank of America price, the offer was worth $. a , but Countrywide traded far below that, at $., as the session neared its end.

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Note n°5015 par Bennie6w le 16/04/2014 @ 02:20
vladimir poutine est probablement l'homme le plus digne d'être aimée dans le monde d'aujourd'hui . il personnifie la police secrète comme méthode de gouvernement . il est entré au kgb à un âge précoce et est restée liée à elle depuis. son sa religion , dans la mesure où il en a un. la hausse militaire et économique de la chine au cours des dernières années a été si spectaculaire que nous avons tendance à oublier la présence russies sur l'échiquier international . pourtant, il serait sage de se rappeler que, bien que la russie peut-être tombé dans les rangs des grandes puissances lorsque les critères économiques jugés , en termes militaires, il est beaucoup plus forte que la chine et l' est , à certains égards encore plus puissant que la russie us a les plus grands mondes stocks d'armes nucléaires , y compris les partitions de superbombs de multirocket . le fait que les trois quarts d'entre eux sont maintenant ciblés à la chine , la russie qui craint beaucoup plus qu'elle ne le fait en amérique , ne diminue en rien la menace pour l'occident . la russie a également hbombs amplement capables d'infliger de terribles dommages à l'ouest . à la seule charge de ce manège est dévastateur poutine . que hes à titre de président ou premier ministre - il alterne les rôles pour des raisons détournées de son propre son est le doigt sur ??le bouton nucléaire . partout où il va , l'appareil de commande de la force de frappe nucléaire russe va avec lui . cela contribue à expliquer pourquoi poutine est un tel élément coûteux dans le budget , un chiffre russe de plus de milliards de dollars par an a été ed . à propos de responsables de la sécurité de la police secrète et d'autres organismes sont soupçonnés d'être impliqués dans le protéger. qui , curieusement , est environ le même nombre de personnes chargées de la protection de l' paranoïaque joseph staline dans ses dernières années . theres un autre élément dans le dossier poutine qui rappelle staline . poutine a pour son propre usage un ensemble de palais ,Lunettes de Soleil Burberry, appartements , villas et maisons de campagne , chacune entièrement équipée de dispositifs de sécurité et de personnel en tout temps . c'est le même nombre de résidences que staline avait. certains des maisons de staline étaient secrets , leurs adresses jamais divulgués dans sa vie. tous poutine sont connus ou si nous pensons . bien sûr,, son tout à fait possible qu'il a d'autres pour l'utilisation en temps de guerre ou d'urgence. staline n'était pas intéressé par l'argent ou le luxe d'habitude il dormait sur ??un canapé . mais poutine est tout à fait différente . sa villa sur la mer noire , qui est évalué à environ milliards de dollars , a chaque appareil coûteux envisageable . il dispose également d'un yacht d'une valeur de l'ordre de millions de dollars , ainsi que des dizaines d'avions , y compris un jet - son en mode coutumier ilyushin de voyage qui a environ millions de dollars dans l'aménagement de la cabine . staline , en revanche, était terrifié de voler et jamais utilisé les quatre jets qui lui sont alloués . il a volé une seule fois et à partir de la conférence de téhéran avec winston churchill et franklin roosevelt . poutine aime la richesse et l'accumulation de biens ,Reebok EasyTone, mais ses goûts sont extrêmement vulgaire . hes fier de sa collection de montres , qui est censé être une valeur de plus de $ , et comprend celle qui appartenait au maréchal joukov , qui joukov portait quand il a berlin . depuis poutine s de singer staline , à certains égards , on peut se demander si hes ??sécurisé dans sa position. la réponse serait non. staline était aussi sûr que l'ingéniosité humaine pourrait lui faire : il contrôle le système téléphonique ,Achat Chaussure Reebok, y compris les réseaux secrets utilisés le kgb . il était impossible, même pour lavrenty beria ,Yves Saint Laurent 2014, chef de la police secrète , de faire un appel téléphonique ,Châle Burberry, sans l'un des agents de sécurité de staline savoir à ce sujet . aucun monopole de communication se poursuit aujourd'hui . traceurs potentiels contre m. poutine peuvent communiquer avec l'un l'autre à son insu . si poutine continue de truquer les élections son ly ses ennemis monter une tentative d'assassinat , et de telle manière drastique de résoudre le problème poutine auront aussi bon ou aussi mauvais une chance de succès que de telles choses jamais faire . pendant ce temps , m. poutine a le vent en poupe et semble diriger sa propre machine de propagande . curieusement histoires exotiques lui et les animaux comportant apparaissent dans la presse , quelque chose avec lequel staline n'a jamais eu à se soucier . publicité dans son jour a été traité tout l'état . ma conjecture est que poutine sera finalement évincé un de ses rivaux . mais il wont go sans combat et son ment pour être un meurtrier. voir la question historique d'impression forbes . abonnez -vous here.move i.forbesimg teloignez bas actu
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