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Note n°9838 par linfr1t01 le 24/04/2014 @ 14:59
If you have been tuning in this week here at stupidDOPE, you?ve probably seen Nardwuar bumping into a few of your favorite rappers while down at 2014. Well today Nardwuar is back, this time linking up with the west coast wordsmith,Lacoste survetement Homme, YG,Nike Air Max 2009 Homme, for a brief chat and some gift giving.Never one to let us down, Nardwuar came supplied with all sorts of little known information about YG, opening up about his past growing up in Cali,Montre Cartier, his introduction the rap game, and much more along the way. YG was the latest one taken back by the knowledge and the depth of Nardwuar as he definitely brings the funny. Check out the hilarious and dope interview after the jump and speak your mind on it down below. nike tn A Detailed Look of the HTC On

Note n°9837 par yrdtfg3ck le 24/04/2014 @ 14:58
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Terjerit-jerit pagi-pagi ni,Toms.Aku dah bagi tau dia yang aku nak datang sini,Toms Shoes.nak cakap apa ni,Michael Kors Outlet?pedulikan?? ?Raiha call sape tadi,Cheap Toms? Tiada lagi kelibat Tengku Mohamed Zulfikar yang setiap hari mengganggu gugatkan fikirannya. awak cakap je. apasal tiba-tiba anakku tak suka pergi tadika pulak,Toms Shoes? I nak bina kerjaya sebelum dapat sara anak orang. Bedal ajelah,Oakley Canada.
12 Oleh :? Kenapa? ? Kat sape kau nak sorry ni? kenapa bu? Bakal suami??Amboi dahsyatnya air matanya.Baik tutur katanya,? Soal Nenda Khalisa,? kata Addy sambil menghulurkan kerongsang tudungku. Aku tumbuk-tumbuk tilam yang empuk itu.
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Note n°9836 par wdm9inbhjj le 24/04/2014 @ 14:56
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Note n°9835 par jhrthsfa418 le 24/04/2014 @ 14:56
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truth that our organization ready ninth within the massive eastern side, we some wonderful circumstances appropriate immediately after our deterioration coping with Notre Dame and after that we all was that we could possibly make a move certain as gigantic east contest. following that relating to around, we now believed can not stay finished. I sensed like every person each and every evening like that, that going barefoot will be challenging cease,now, right here they're, ordinarily UConn Huskies, Who wasn't permitted to become here, play the type of butler Bulldogs, manufacturing their second sequential day at the tournament game title.

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Note n°9834 par linfr1t01 le 24/04/2014 @ 14:56
In a freshman campaign we all knew to enjoy because I’d be the only time we see this player in a college basketball uniform has reportedly come to an end. Andrew Wiggins is ready to take his game to the next level. According to several reports,Lunettes de soleil Versace, Wiggins will announce today via a press conference that he will declare for the 2014 Draft. That move was later confirmed ?when Kansas University released a statement to that effect. A move many saw coming, is one that will certainly see Wiggins among the first few picks in the draft, possibly the No. 1 overall selection.An elite athlete with level talent,Adidas Col V Survetement, Andrew Wiggins?averaged 17.1 points and 5.9 rebounds this past season at Kansas. He slumped at certain points of the year but his talent was undeniable as a whole. Adjusting to Bill Self’s system isn’t easy. In fact,Nike Shox NZ Femme, its almost a crutch to a star player as its geared around a more team oriented scoring attack. Wiggins will likely be even more of a weapon in the NBA.Source: nike tn
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