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    Note #9082 by xingttpl16 23/04/2014 @ 22:56
    Many people seek money in life and strive to get their desires by setting goals and making plans. Others feel that they need strong lasting relationships. In fact for every person on the planet there are different goals, aspirations and dreams. But what these people are seeking is not the money, relationship or goal fulfilment. Every one of us is seeking happiness and we believe that we will get this happiness through the attainment of our desires. If you are truthful with yourself you will see that it is not the thing itself that we want but the feeling that we believe the thing will give us - happiness! But what if there was an easier way that could by-pass all that hard work?Welcome to the world of binaural beats!Feeling happy happens in the mind. We have all heard the old saying "one man's meat is another man's poison". This simple little statement really latest coach bags 2013 does encapsulate the difference between people in the world. One situation, event or thing can be coach sale 2013 a belessing to one person yet a curse to another. For example leaving in a one-bedroom apartment may be bad for an American family of 4 but for a family of 6 living on the streets of Calcutta coach 2013 handbags it would be a blesing.But, being human we all have certains things that are common to us all. One such thing is our brains. All human brains work the same way. Although we may hold different views and have different attitudes towards things in life and the world our brains work in very specific ways - ways that are generic to the entire human race.By using this understanding scientists have created binaural beats which are a form of sound technology that can be used to all coach purses train your brain to produce certain brainwaves which in turn produce chemical reactions in the brain that create specific emotions and mental and physical states.For many years now scientists have been working to identify the brainwave patterns that are associated with many different emotional, mental and physical states. Scientists have identified almost all of these states and the brainwaves that are assosiated bags from coach with them. In itself this is interesting but not very practical. However, when you understand the power of cheap wholesale coach purses binaural beats this information becomes much more practical.Knowing which brainwave patterns create which emotional states, from anger to love & happiness, it is possible to create these brainwave patterns by using binaural beats. Binaural beats can be used to create deep relaxation, aid restful sleep, produce more creative ideas, and retain more information and a multitude of other things. Are you aware that binaural beats can even be used to create the exact brainwave patterns that have been shown to release endorphins in the body to relax you and make you feel happy?What's more if these binaural beats are used regularly for about 30 days the new brainwave patterns become a permanent feature for you. Now this is not to say you will be walking around happy all the time. The brainwave states associated with happiness that you have developed through the use of binaural beats just becomes a habit. So, just as you can get into the habit of feeling sad, or looking at the negative side of life, you can also get into the habit of feeling happy and looking for the positive in everything - all through the use if binaural beats!To gain this increase in positive feelings in your life, through binaural beats, all you have to do is listen to some special sounds through stereo headphones and watch as your life begins to change!

    Note #9081 by xingttpl16 23/04/2014 @ 22:55
    Show them Sex Pistols some respect, surely."'"'"''""''.Within three years, a coach factory outlets online store label once associated with basic luggage is now very much in fashion.But before coach handbag online writing it off as trivial, consider a couple of factors.But before writing it off coach online outlet factory as trivial, consider a couple of coach factory handbag outlet store factors.But before writing it off as trivial, consider a couple of factors.But before writing online coach factory outlet store it off as trivial, consider a couple of factors.But before writing it off as trivial, consider a couple of factors.But before writing it off as trivial, consider a couple of factors.But before coach online coupon codes writing it off as trivial, consider a couple of factors.

    Note #9080 by xingttpl16 23/04/2014 @ 22:55
    Many would say yes - meditation is a waste of time!Time is one of the few commodities we cannot save or store. Everyone is allotted 24 hours in a day and most of us have busy lifestyles with little time to lose. It would appear spending ? to one hour sitting perfectly still doing nothing might easily fall into the category of a useless activity devouring precious time.A Zen practitioner meditates between 6 and 8 hours each day for 20 to 25 years before they permanently balance the left coach mens shoes on sale and right hemispheres of the brain. I don?t know about you, but I don?t have 20 to 25 years to become ?enlightened.? I can barely squeeze out an extra hour per day, let alone 6 to 8.Why would anyone even consider meditation?Well, let?s look at the benefits achieved through regular practice first. Then I will explain how to quickly enter into Zen-like states and meditate like the masters.First the benefits:- Regular practice actually sharpens the mind coach men shoes sale so you will achieve more in a shorter time period. - Science has proven the mind/body connection exists. When achieving the Alpha, Theta and Delta brainwave states we actually reduce production of the stress hormone cortisol. Stress is now considered by many to be responsible for upwards of 95% of all human dis-ease. - Allows for the body?s immune system to function efficiently. - Reduces high blood pressure and cholesterol.- You may experience a greater sense of closeness to Source. (God, Infinite Intelligence, etc.) - Most problems experienced by humanity are created while in the Beta or thinking brain state. Therefore we cannot resolve them by staying in Beta; we need to go into deeper brainwave patterns.- Meditation quiets the ?noise? or constant self-talk in the mind; allowing for us to receive answers to problems, questions or situations. - Meditation creates new neural pathways between the left and right hemispheres, balancing the brain. Through coach messenger bag for men this process fear, phobias, anxiety and worry begin to dissipate.- Reduces chronic pain. - Increased longevity.- An overall sense of well-being and harmony with everyone and everything.Now let?s face it; that's quite a shopping list with compelling reasons why we should meditate. Unfortunately many are unwilling to trade time for the benefits. However if you do make the time, ultimately you develop laser sharp focus with even greater performance levels. In the end, you accomplish a great deal more in much less time.Quickly Entering Into Zen-Like StatesOkay, now that we know why meditation is beneficial, let?s look at how we can quicken the process to enjoy these fantastic benefits immediately instead of 25 years from now.One of the first coach deals techniques I used was sound technology employing binaural beats which have been proven to balance the left and right hemispheres. The results are immediate. Within a few minutes of putting on the headphones your left and right hemispheres are balanced in a Zen-like state.Basically you can meditate for 1 hour each day instead of 6 to 8. You also achieve the same results in much fewer than 20 to 25 years. Within weeks of using binaural beat technology I began experiencing profound shifts in my thinking, attitude and many would even say my appearance. I practiced daily for approximately two and a half years.Then I began using monaural and isochronic tones which experts claim are about 900 times more effect than binaural beats for brainwave entrainment. I am particularly excited about the isochronic sound waves as I find they help me to easily cope with day to day stress. I especially like the positive changes I experience listening to the stronger of the two ? isochronic.So there you have it. Now you know why meditation is not a waste of time. You also have a few options to research if you decide to enjoy the benefits of meditation without wasting valuable time.

    Note #9079 by xingttpl16 23/04/2014 @ 22:54
    When I read this statement, "As a man believes in his he is" almost fifteen years ago it really struck a cord with me like never before. Of course I had heard this before, but this time it was different. This time it really got through. It means to me that when you have a true belief...not just a casual belief but a true, deep seated, unshakeable, unquestionable belief that is backed by real conviction that it is IN FACT true, then this is in fact reality...for you!What do I mean by this? I need to tell a story here...a very true story. Do you know the true story of the 4 minute mile? For thousands of years it was believed that man was not physically capable of running michael kors outlet in san marcos tx a mile race in under 4 minutes. For generations the elite of the runners could never get past that barrier. Four minutes and a half...four minutes twenty seconds...four minutes fifteen seconds, but michael kors outlet locations texas never close to the actual 4 minute barrier. In fact many doctors were on record having said it just was not possible...the human body was not built in such a way that it could endure the strain needed to accomplish such a feat. Many said that the heart itself would simply explode or fail under such strain.Generation after generation ran as hard as possible only to yield to the 4 minute barrier. Then one day in 1954 Roger Bannister did the impossible---he ran the mile in under 4 minutes. When he was interviewed afterwards he was asked how he did it. His answer was simply, "I ran the mile in my imagination so many times in under four minutes...lap by lap....stride for stride....breath by breath, that I new it was only a matter of time until I would accomplish it in real life". He imagined the strain he would feel, the fatigue, the burning lungs, the straining for oxygen and he imagined running through all of this successfully. It was only a matter of time in his mind until what he had already accomplished so many times in his mind would actually be played out in real life at an actual track event.So it wasn't any new physical training techniques, or new vitamins or supplements, or new and better running shoes...but merely the belief...the conviction that he would actually accomplish what everyone else deemed to be impossible.What is even more powerful though is that though is what happened after Roger Bannister did the "impossible". Within one year 37 other runners also broke the 4 minute barrier. Within two years over 300 other runners also did the "impossible". Why???? Because it was no longer impossible---someone had paved the way to show that it was possible and as a result had created a whole new belief system in it's place.That sudden shift from what was once "impossible" for thousands of years was changed in an instant through one simple thing...the power of belief.It is so critically important we take a close look at the beliefs we hold true. Are they empowering or disempowering? What are they based on...simply that we have not yet michael kors outlet in maryland accomplished something yet and therefore believe it is not possible? michael kors outlet in michigan I think when we actually look closely at the beliefs we do have, many of them were simply "adopted" because they were easily accessed. What I mean is that we often accept the current beliefs of those around us, those we respect, those of our society because we unfortunately just "go with the flow" of current thought. It actually takes time and effort to really dig deep and find out what we truly believe and most are not willing to do this, so they take the easiest way out and go with what others believe michael kors outlet hamilton unless or until it no longer serves them or it causes some major conflict for them. There is incredible power in belief itself...and when you combine belief with true, unshakeable conviction you have an unstoppable force. Whether the belief is actually "true" or not is irrelevant because for the one who holds that is true is true in their world. This is why it is so very important we take a close look at what we truly do believe about ourselves and our futures. Let?s make sure our beliefs encourage and build up instead of tearing down ourselves and others.What beliefs do you currently have that are holding you back from accomplishing something worthwhile in your life? Challenge those beliefs that have held you back from going for those goals that inspire

    Note #9078 by xingttpl16 23/04/2014 @ 22:53
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